Mount Evans, Colorado (Memorial Day Week) 2006
May 26 - June 04, 2006

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Mount Evans is a mountain in the Front Range region of the Rocky Mountains, it is located in Clear Creek County, Colorado.
It is one of 54 fourteeners (mountains with peaks over 14,000 feet) in Colorado, and the closest fourteener to Denver.
It is often compared to Pikes Peak - another Front Range fourteener - which it exceeds in elevation by 154 ft. (and which can be seen in another picture down this page).

This is a picture of our backpacks sitting on a picnic table before we actually started out on the trail.
The pack on the left is mine and the one on the right is Dwight's.
Another view of the backpacks before we set out on the 6.5 mile Resthouse Meadows trail.
The pack on the foreground left is my nephew Clayton's pack.
The foreground right pack is mine, and the background red one is Dwight's.
Once we finally got down the 6.5 miles of the Resthouse Meadows trail, we
set up camp in the same place we set up 6 years ago on the last trip to Mt. Evans.
Dwight's tent is in the front foreground, Mine is the one in the middle, and
the tent on the right was our gear tent that later became Clayton's tent.
This is a shot of Clayton trout fishing in one of the many beaver ponds and streams in Resthouse Meadows.
Clayton fishing in another of the numerous beaver ponds.
If you look at the enlarged version of this picture, you will notice that it is actually lightly raining.
Here we see a 'layered' picture with Clayton.
I use the term 'layered' because of the fact that he's on a rock in the foreground, then
there is a layer of trees behind him and ultimately there is a mountain ridge behind that.
At long last, and since we weren't able to do it on the last trip to Mt. Evans, we got to go to the summit of the mountain!
This picture shows the USGS marker embedded at the summit.
It is dated 1955 and shows an altitude of 14,258 feet above sea level.
Since then, the mountain has grown to its current 14,271 feet.
Ok, here's the obligatory group shot on the summit.
Front left is my nephew, Clayton; front middle is Dwight's son, Devin; front
right is Dwight; and I am between and behind Clayton and Devin.
This, and the following photo, are 2 shots of Mt. Bierstadt, one of several 14,000+ foot peaks on Mt. Evans.
Mt. Evans is one of two Colorado mountains that you can actually drive a vehicle to the summit of (the other being Pikes Peak which is 80 miles to the South and will be visible in an upcoming picture).
There was a small herd-let of Mountain goats near the Summit Parking Lot and nearby areas.
These two goats were about 5 feet away from me when I snapped their picture.
This is a shot looking Southward and has Pikes Peak towering over the rest of the other mountain peaks.
This is a view of Resthouse Meadows from the summit of Mt. Evans.
Our camp site was located inside the tree line at about 10 o'clock inside the meadow.
This is another view of Resthouse Meadows from the summit of Mt. Evans.
This is a shot of Echo Lake from somewhere below the summit.
The lake itself is at 10,600 feet above sea level and chock full of trout.

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